Design and Analysis of Algorithms (2016)

Design and Analysis of Algorithms (2016)

Design and Analysis of Algorithms (2016)


March 1 2016 - Jun 30 2017

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Prof. Madhusudhan Parthasarathy, Prof. Madhavan Mukund, Prof. Kavi Mahesh, Prof. Viraj Kumar

Algorithms Analysis, Brute Force, Divide and Conquer, Dynamic Programming, Greedy Algorithms, NP Completeness


Quiz/Final Exam Dates
Quiz Schedule 5 QUIZZES (postings will be notified to registered MEC email addresses)
Final Exam Schedule Tentatively Post Jun 30 2017
Certificate Eligibility
Course Participation Certificate View 80% of Course Lessons & Score at least 70% Aggregate Average (or 280 points) from Top 4 Quizzes
Course Proficiency Certificate Get Participation Certificate & Score at least 70% in Final Exam

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