MEC for Institutes

MEC welcomes all Institutes from India to come and engage with us as a “MEC Community Partner”.
  • Sign-up ALL College Students from your Institute on MEC. All students from all branches/years can enroll in multiple courses (To see a course listing, go to the home page, and see ‘Browse by Course’ section).
  • Sign-up MEC faculty (see below), as a course administrator to monitor student progress and customize course content for your Institute.
  • Send a monthly MEC engagement progress report to, explaining MEC usage in class – showcase of MEC videos, quizzes, participate in course forum, or hold lab sessions from a MEC course.
  • All Institutes that meet the above criteria will be recognized as a “MEC Community Partner” and will receive a plaque from Microsoft Research.

MEC Faculty

Professor in-charge can register on MEC for a college course, and send an email to requesting for your College Admin Access. More than 1 Faculty per Institute are allowed.
  • Sign up on and request for course admin access by sending an email to
  • Encourage all class students to sign-up for the courses on MEC, to achieve a MEC Community Partner status.
  • MEC Faculty can track student progress via MEC admin access and add your own content for your college students ONLY. We will share the MEC Beginner’s guide to get you started. This will allow you to use the MEC platform FREELY for your own use.
  • All such faculty members will be recognized by the MEC Team.

We look forward to having you as MEC Partners!


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